1. I’ve been thinking about map making recently. I made these with existing images I had lying around, just to get a feel for what I wanted the maps to look like. 

  2. New cards new cards!!! Lots of new designs - you can find them here

  3. Tower Block Disasters - available here

  4. Some people doing things

  5. Experimenting with flying hounds/horses/unidentified creatures.

  6. Here are some bears I made for a recent Bright Group campaign.

  7. We had a shuffle round in the studio and look at my lovely new corner space!!! #illustration #behindthescenes #studio


  9. BEARS

  10. Fight Club

  11. Red cat blue cat and colourful bears.

  13. My Mothers Tooth

  14. "My tooth hurts. Does my face look swollen?"

  15. I read this book a couple of months ago.

    Tampa - Alissa Nutting.