1. Wild swimming.

  2. Thinking about this sad dog character a lot recently.

  3. There’s a heatwave in the UK at the moment. And it is unbearable. 

  4. And a dog one….

  5. I’ve been meaning to get this print up on my etsy site for a couple of months. 

    Now it’s here!

  7. A brand spanking new zine - People Once Loved

  8. More sad dogs

  9. sad dog

  10. Super exciting news - I am now represented by Bright for all things cute and fun. 

  11. Here’s some wacom scriibbles

  12. Here’s a little cat experiment I made with scanned in textures. 

  13. There is a fun thing on twitter called #Daily_Doodle - every day they tweet a theme and then you tweet back with your doodle. It’s a great warm up for the day!

    Here are some of my daily doodles.

  15. Some of my ‘Attack’ pieces are for sale on Buy Some Damn Art.

    There is lots of great art up on the site, I really love these beautiful paintings by Ryan McGennisken