1. www.fayemoorhouse.co.uk

    Here are some wonky pet portraits I’ve worked on over the last few months. 

    If you want your pet painted, get in touch!

  2. They built an aquarium and it was full of life. #3.

  3. They Built an Aquarium and it was full of life. #2

  4. I love these panoramas gone wrong - they are giving me loads of ideas. This ones a fat horse. Image via buzzfeed via reddit

  5. They built an aquarium and it was full of life. 

  6. Editorial Practice. 

    I find that a great way to develop my portfolio is to find a newspaper article and create an illustration for it. It forces me to work on subject matter outside of my comfort zone. 

    Todays practice one is for an article in the Guardian about the demise of fine dining. 

  8. Some things I painted today. 

  9. I’ve entered a couple of my designs into the #seamtheredonethat competition over at www.ohhdeer.com  .

  10. Another Map. 

    This time of my local park - St. Ann’s Well Gardens

  11. THE VILLAGE WAS ON FIRE - sketchbook page

  12. Here’s a map I made of Brighton. 

  13. Limited edition (of just 20) Road Kill prints are now available in my etsy shop. 

  15. I’ve been watching this on channel 4. 

    This is a drawing with some sexy ladies dancing on some goggle-eyed men.